Pedram Atoufi

Pedram Atoufi is the owner of Unity Chess Club and a World Chess Federation FIDE Master. He won the World Open of Philadelphia (under 2300 rating) in 2006, was a member of the Marmaris Team, winners of the 2002 Turkey Chess League and the 1992 National Youth Champion of Iran.

Coach Pedram Atoufi

Coach Pedram began playing chess at the age of 12, which is quite an old age for an accomplished player and teacher. Chess was banned in Iran for 10 years by the government who considered it a form of gambling, with connotations of royalty. Once this ban was lifted, chess became the passion of his life and it still is today. He has played competitively in Iran, Turkey, Asia and the US. Today he is considered one of the finest instructors in the United States. His 14 years of teaching accomplishments include:

  • 2008 National Junior High School Champion, Brennen Lee
  • US National Champion Lane Tech College Prep Girls Team
  • Lane Tech College Prep Boys to 2nd place in Chicago Public Schools tournament
  • Lane Tech College Prep Boys to 13th place in Illinois High School Championships
  • Girls 3rd place winner at Asia Chess Championships (Ms. Forooz Seyyedi)
  • Boys 2nd Place winner at Turkish Nationals (Mr. Bahadir Koilu)

Today, Pedram operates the Unity Chess Club to promote recreational chess within the community and teach chess strategy to his students.