Did you know that the Sundays with Unity tournament starts a day later in some countries?

  BY:Asaf Afsordedel
  UPDATE:Saturday, June 13th, 2020
Tournament start time in 50 countries
Tournament start time in 50 countries
When will our tournament start in 50 countries around the world?

Did you know that Sundays with Unity tournaments start a day later in some countries? It is important to know that in some countries, such as New Zealand, will start one day after Sundays. In New Zealand our tournament starts at 4 am on Monday or in Australia Sundays with Unity stars at 2 am on Monday!! However many of chess players ask us when the Sundays with Unity tournament starts in our country.
Or the question is how much is left to start the Sundays with Unity tournament?

If you would like to know the answers to these questions, refer to the table below.
In this table, we have collected the information of the start time and the remaining time until the start of the competition in 50 countries of the world.
This table is prepared alphabetically for the names of the countries and it is very easy to search for the name and information of your country.
If you do not find your country in the list above, contact us via website contact form to add your country name and information to the list.

Sundays with Unity


Argentina 13:00
Arizona(USA) 09:00
Azerbaijan 20:00
Belgium 18:00
Bolivia 12:00
Canada 12:00
Chicago(USA) 11:00
Chile 12:00
China 24:00
Colombia 11:00
Croatia 18:00
Cuba 12:00
Dominican Republic12:00
England 17:00
France 18:00
Georgia 20:00
Germany 18:00
Greece 19:00
Hungary 18:00
India 21:30
Indonesia 23:00
Iran 20:30
Kazakhstan 22:00
Kyrgyzstan 22:00
Lithuania 19:00
Madagascar 19:00
Malaysia 24:00
Moldova 19:00
Mongolia 24:00
New York(USA) 12:00
New Zealand 04:00
Nigeria 17:00
Norway 18:00
Peru 11:00
Philippines 24:00
Poland 18:00
Romania 19:00
Russia 19:00
South Africa 18:00
Spain 18:00
Sri Lanka 21:30
Suriname 13:00
Tunisia 17:00
Turkey 19:00
Turkmenistan 21:00
Ukraine 19:00
Uzbekistan 21:00
Venezuela 12:00
Vietnam 23:00
Virginia(USA) 12:00

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