Unity Chess Fairplay policy from June 28th, 2020

  BY:Asaf Afsordedel
  UPDATE:Saturday, June 27th, 2020
Unity Chess Fairplay policy
Unity Chess Fairplay policy
We treat all players with equal respect and do not want to discourage the genuine players. With an Idea to form a set of regulations in order to keep Interest of players towards Game to Remain intact, we have came up with few regulation:

1  Player violating Lichess Fairplay Policy:
In first case We can not allow player to play & He will loose the chance to win if he has secured good points also. The playing platform we use is LICHESS & It has own Lichess Policy. If it thinks player is not following fairplay policy and we will not go for verification and all other stuff.
In genuine cases, we can ask players to report the issue to Lichess team & mark us in copy. We can discuss with lichess team about our event and make them understand that we check and verify suspicious players. So if we recommend, It will be 100 % clean player. So that they can revert the mark of using computer assistance.

2  Players fails to Verification procedure
Players will be asked to play 6 blitz games on camera with the presence of members of the TEAM of ARBITERS after the end of the tournament, in order to verify their performance in the competition. If player can not show same performance he/she showed in a tournament, or will reject playing under camera – will be added into blacklist.

3  Players go to blacklist without verification procedure:
After careful check by invited GMs and IMs of the games of participants.
IMP: Player will be given only one chance if confesses the way how he cheated. Player will have to play under camera next time to show he/she will not repeat.
Temporarily list with chance to play again:
If players do not follow rules and regulations of the tournament - will be added in a blacklist temporarily, until they follow them:
1.  All players must take part in the tournament with their official Lichess ID
If player forgot password and etc., until re-opens his/her account, will not be able to play
2.  Until player moves up Lichess Blitz rating to certain level if asked so by TEAM of ARBITERS

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