“Chess became more than hobby and entertainment for us. Our family is faithful to chess for many years. We have five children in the family, three of them play chess. It is me, I am 11 years old, my younger sister, who is 9 years old and little brother, he is 6 years old “ – says one of our participants from Kazakhstan Sadyk Khammat. Tournament starts at 10:00 p.m. in Almaty, but it is not an obstacle for Khammat and his younger sister Nissayem. “It is worth to play. All family members support and cheer for us. In this tournament, we played together with grandmasters and masters from different countries. It is a big experience for us, because it is a rarity to meet such an opportunity in the daily life”

Sadyk Khammat from Kazakhstan

Srivastava Spandan from India

And one other player from India says:
" These Unity tournaments are a great experience. My parents watch me play and we analyze afterwards what happened and where I could improve. We get to play in a international tournament with players from 80 countries. The tournaments offer an invaluable experience of playing many titled players, which is probably not possible for a U1600 player like me. Also the amount of prize money is great for such a low entry fee to encourage everyone. And finally the cheating committee is outstanding, they are doing a wonderful job and making sure that genuine people get a clean environment. "

Srivastava Spandan from India

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