For some time now, the indoor chess tournament has not been held due to the outbreak of coronavirus!!
Online internet tournaments are now available in different parts of the world and the chess players of world are trying to prepare themselves by participating in these tournaments.One of these tournaments is Sundays with Unity.

The Sundays with Unity is an international weekly online chess tournament with $2,500 prizes for each week and for more than 240 players! which holds by lichess website platform in every sunday. In this tournament all players of world can participant and experience playing with titled chess masters such as grandmasters, international masters or fide masters and or other titled players.

In fact, the Sundays with Unity starts in March 22nd, 2020 and so far it is been held regularly and it is interesting to note that many chess players have participated in this exciting tournament.

There are the full information of the number of participants, the time of the competition and the page of the competition in lichess, which was held in the last 16 weeks!!

Unity Chess Sunday Tournament  SUNDAYS WITH UNITY

Unity International Weekly Tournament

Tournament Links and number of participants Week 1-16:

Week Holding date Participants Link
1 March 22nd 207 Players
72 U16
Lichess Page
2 March 29th 107 Players
49 U16
Lichess Page
3 April 5th 182 Players
45 U16
Lichess Page
4 April 12th 200 Players Lichess Page
5 April 19th 538 Players Lichess Page
6 April 26th 420 Players Lichess Page
7 May 3rd 440 Players Lichess Page
8 May 10th 506 Players Lichess Page
9 May 17th 725 Players Lichess Page
10 May 24th 671 Players Lichess Page
11 May 31st 901 Players Lichess Page
12 June 7th 927 Players Lichess Page
13 June 14th 934 Players Lichess Page
14 June 21st 1025 Players Lichess Page
15 June 28th 1150 Players Lichess Page
16 July 5th 1282 Players Lichess Page

The presence of players from different countries of the world has given a special warmth to the Sundays with Unity tournament. Perhaps this is because in the tournament, in addition to individuals, titled and masters chess players, the first team will also receive a cash prize.
During this time, the teams of Russia, Iran and India have won the top rank, and each has won a $200 prize.

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