118 players in Unity Chess Online Weekly Tournament!!

  BY:Pedram Atoufi
  UPDATE:Tuesday, 7th April, 2020
Unity Chess Club in US holding tournament
Unity Chess Club in US holding tournament
Corona Virus has increased the interest of world chess players in online tournaments. Meanwhile, the online tournament of the American Chess Club, UNITY CHESS, has become more popular in recent months.<br>
April 5 2020, Unity Chess Club on international online tournament hosted from 118 players of 19 countries!! <br>
However 118 players from Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, Norway, Ukraine, Turkey, Peru, India, Armenia, USA, Croatia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Columbia, Italy, and Bulgaria participated in the third Unity Weekly bullet tournament on April 5.
A total of 28 grandmasters, 22 international masters, and 19 Fide masters took part in the powerful tournament.