This week, 583 chess players participated in the Sundays with Unity online tournament setting an unprecedented record!!

  BY:Asaf Afsordedel
  UPDATE:Tuesday, 21st April, 2020
Sundays with Unity, April 19th
Sundays with Unity, April 19th
Azerbaijani Grandmaster Vugar Rasulov won the Sundays with Unity Online Tournament this week in close competition with his famous rivals.
583 people participated in this tournament.
Sundays with Unity is a online chess tournament which is held every Sunday on the lichess site and has countless chess players from all over the world.
This famous tournament has a total cash prize of $ 1,000 and is now being welcomed around the world.
Sundays with Unity Online Tournament has a time control of 3 minutes with no increments, and is open to all players around the world.
This week Azerbaijani Grandmaster Vugar Rasulov finished in the first place with a 2700 rating performance, Indian Grandmaster Arjun Erigaisi finished in the second place  with 2771 performance, and Savieliy Golubov finished in third place with 2769 performance.
It was great that more than 200 titled players including several strong and famous chess grandmasters such as GM Vladimir Fedoseev from Russia, GM Parham Maghsoodloo from Iran, GM Aleksandr Lenderman from the United States, GM Gadir Guseinov from Azerbaijan, GM Alexey Sarana from Russia and GM Yuriu Kuzubov from Ukraine were able to join the tournament.