Unity Chess Sunday Tournament  Sundays with Unity

16th Unity International Weekly Tournament
July 5th, 2020


Unity Chess Club used to have all different kind of tournaments, but temporarily due to Coronavirus we have now organizing only an online tournament. This tournament is Sundays with Unity .
The Sundays with Unity is an international weekly online chess tournament with $2,500 prizes for each week and for more than 240 players! which holds by lichess website platform in every sunday. In this tournament all players of world can participant and experience playing with titled chess masters such as grandmasters, international masters or fide masters and or other titled players.

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More Than $2,500 Cash Prizes
for More Than 240 Players
All prizes are 100% guaranteed!

Tournament start time   09:00

What time does this tournament start in your city?


  All players are required to join the Unity Team, which has been formed on Lichess for this tournament:
  Title+Full Name
For title players who had problem adding their titles in front of their official account in Lichess, they need to create another account with their full name and title on it. Then they need to move up their blitz rating up to their actual rating.
Also email their picture ID to: sundayswithunity@gmail.com
After that they will be allowed to play.
If anything else, we won’t accept it. Thanks for your cooperation.

  Unity Chess Tournament Team in Lichess (THIS WEEK)

  •   Type of tournament: Open
  •   Tournament date: Sundays 16:00 (GMT)
  •   Time control:  3/+0
  •   Website:  lichess.org
  •   Total time:  120 minutes
  •   Tournament Entry Fee: $4 plus tax for Europe & North America. The rest are $2 plus tax. No tax charge if you make your payment to representatives.
  •   Free entry for the following players: GM, WGM, IM, WIM, FM, WFM, IA
    50% off entry fee for Senior, NM, WNM, CM, WCM.
  •   The Berserk option is available.
  •   All players are required to have played at least 30 rated blitz games with their Lichess account.
  •   No more registration will get accepted one hour prior to the tournament!
  •   All players must take part in the tournament with their official Lichess ID otherwise won’t be able to win the prizes.


  What steps do you need to take to participate in the tournament?

Read the regulations carefully!

Go to the registration page and register for the tournament.

 Registrations can be done in 2 ways:
  1. Representative
  2. Website: Go to registration page

Select one of the payment methods and pay the input.

  Payments for the entry fee can be made in 4 ways:
    A) Representative
    B) Website: Go to registration page and after registering for the tournament, pay the entrance fee.
    C) PayPal: sundayswithunity@gmail.com
    D) Bank Account: Wells Fargo
    Account number:   2705651012
    Routing number:   122105278

    Unity Chess Club LLC
    Pedram Atoufi

    Address: 2909 S. Dobson Rd.
    Suite #11 Mesa, AZ 85202

Send the receipt of your payment to sundayswithunity@gmail.com

Go to the Unity team web page on the LICHESS site and join the team.

After these steps, you will enter the competition list and open the tournament page at least 15 minutes before the start of the tournament and be ready to compete.
  Prizes terms and conditions:
  • All prizes will be paid within 2 days.
  • Cash prizes are given to the top places, ranked by Lichess.
  • If a player is eligible for two awards between the sections, the higher prize is awarded.
  • The USCF (United States Chess Federation) rated players who don’t have Fide rating, will be eligible to receive the section prizes. Here is the formula to calculate their Fide rating: (USCF-100= Fide rating). That means a USCF player with rating of 1650 would be eligible to receive the section prize for under 1600 (1650-100=1550).
  • Winners of class prizes can only receive prizes related to their rating level.
  • The criterion for section prizes is FIDE Standard rating. If the player doesn’t have that, we will go with blitz rating. If not, then rapid rating. If the player doesn’t have Fide, nor USCF rating, we will consider him/her as unrated player.
  • To receive prizes please contact the representative in your country.
    If your country doesn’t have representative then send your information with your picture ID to this email: sundayswithunity@gmail.com

    Winners have the options to choose one of these 3 ways to receive their prizes:
        1. PayPal
        2. Western Union
        3. Bank Account
    Winners are responsible to cover the cost of the transaction fee.
Unity Chess Tournaments

  The Tournament Awards:
$2,500 Prizes are 100% Guaranteed!
For more than 240 players!

  The Best Country (more points in total):
$200 to the top 40 players of that country ($5 each).
  If one player cheat, the whole country won’t win the $200 team prize!

  Prizes in the sections

SECTION 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th-10th 11th-20th 21st-30th
Under 14
Senior 65+
Senior 50+
Under 16
Under 14
Under 12
Under 10
Under 8

  Unity Lucky Awards:

The 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th, 250th, 300th, 350th, 400th, 450th, 500th, 550th, 600th, 650th, 700th, 750th, 800th, 850th, 900th, 950th, and 1000th places that will be announced at the end of the tournament by Lichess.
Each of these players will be paid $10!!
Minimum 4 games are required to get eligible to win the Lucky Prizes.

  Using computers.
  Having someone else play for you.
  Using inappropriate language in chat room of Lichess.

  The Power of the Jury:
  Requiring players to play under the camera if needed.
  Prohibiting offending players from participating in future matches.
  Issues a verdict for players who have committed a violation outside the rules of the regulations.
  Verification: Ask players to play some blitz games on camera with the presence of some members of the jury after the end of the tournament, in order to verify their performance in the competition.
  Asking players to move up their Lichess Blitz rating to certain level.

  The goal of this tournament is providing a safe environment where chess players can compete and enjoy the games.
Wish everyone good luck!

  Please join the tournament group in Telegram to communicate with us.

Unity Chess Official Partners

We have official partners in different countries, and all registrants in these countries can register through them.

The King/Queen project of 2020 is a part of Sundays with Unity chess online tournament starting in Sunday May 24th, 2020 that holds by Unity Chess Club as before, with more than $1400 cash prizes and now with $2,500 prizes for each week by lichess.org platform every sunday.
In this project, the champions of different parts of the main tournament will compete with each other and will win special prizes.
The details of the King/Queen project of 2020 are as follows:

Sundays with Unity

King/Queen project of 2020 King/Queen of 2020
5K 100% Guaranteed

Starting in Sunday May 24th, 2020 all the way to December 27th, 2020 we have 32 Sundays. That means 32 Unity Weekly tournaments.

We came up with a plan to add some more excitements to the competitions by making special prizes for King/Queen champions of these 32 sessions.

For every 4 sessions, we get together the 4 champions of Open, Women, Senior, U16, U12 and make a double round robin tournament. The winners of these matches will be the champion of that season (4 sessions).

On the first week of the new year, we will have a round robin championship between the champions of each season. The winners of these matches will become the King/Queen champion of 2020!

Here are the Sessions and Seasons:
(10-13), (14-17), (18-21), (22-25), (26-29), (30-33), (34-37), (38-41)
Total: 8 seasons

This is the schedule of the individual and team for all these 8 seasons:

Season #1 (10-13):
Open/Women: 6/20/2020
U16/U12: 7/4/2020
Senior: 7/11/2020

Season #2 (14-17):
Open: 7/18/2020
Women: 7/25/2020
U16/U12: 8/1/2020
Senior: 8/8/2020

Season #3 (18-21):
Open: 8/15/2020
Women: 8/22/2020
U16/U12: 8/29/2020
Senior: 9/5/2020

Season #4 (22-25):
Open: 9/12/2020
Women: 9/19/2020
U16/U12: 9/26/2020
Senior: 10/3/2020

Season #5 (26-29):
Open: 10/10/2020
Women: 10/17/2020
U16/U12: 10/24/2020
Senior: 10/31/2020

Season #6 (30-33):
Open: 11/7/2020
Women: 11/14/2020
U16/U12: 11/21/2020
Senior: 11/28/2020

Season #7 (34-37):
Open: 12/5/2020
Women: 12/12/2020
U16/U12: 12/19/2020
Senior: 12/26/2020

Season #8 (38-41)
Open/Women: 12/30/2020
Senior/U16/U12: 12/31/2020

King/Queen Championship:
Senior: 1/4/2021
U12: 1/5/2021
U16: 1/6/2021
Women: 1/7/2021
Open: 1/8/2021

  Here are the prizes of big winners of the year:

  5K Guaranteed Prizes for Champions of 2020!
  $2K King/Queen of (Open section)
  $1K Queen of (Women section)
  $1K King/Queen of U16
  $500 King/Queen of U12
  $500 King/Queen of Senior

Sundays with Unity

King/Queen project of 2020 King/Queen of 2020

  Finals of the season Regulations:

  •   Time Control: The time control is just like our weekly tournaments (3+0)
  •   Camera:All players are required to play under camera during these matches.
  •   Format:  The players will play in the double round robin format.
  •   Prizes:   The winner of the open section will get $100 and the winners of Women, U12, U16, and senior will get $50 prizes.
  •   Final of the Year:   The winners will book their place in the final of the year. In the final of the year, the final winner of 2020 will get $2000 in Open section, $1000 in Women and U16, and $500 in senior and U12 sections.
  •   Tie:If two players tie for the first place in one of these finals, they will play two bullet games (1+0) and if there is a tie again, an armageddon game (White 4 Minutes, Black 3 minutes) will be played between them.
  •   Tie with 3 or more players: In this case a bullet double round robin will be played between the players tied for the first place. If there is still a tie, the armageddon will be played between the two players with higher Tiebreak. Tiebreaks are more wins, more points in the games of players on tie, more wins with black pieces, and finally FIDE Standard rating.

  Participants Comments and Experiences

Sadyk Khammat   Sadyk Khammat/Kazakhstan

“Chess became more than hobby and entertainment for us. Our family is faithful to chess for many years. We have five children in the family, three of them play chess. It is me, I am 11 years old, my younger sister, who is 9 years old and little brother, he is 6 years old “ – says one of our participants from Kazakhstan Sadyk Khammat. Tournament starts at 10:00 p.m. in Almaty, but it is not an obstacle for Khammat and his younger sister Nissayem. “It is worth to play. All family members support and cheer for us. In this tournament, we played together with grandmasters and masters from different countries. It is a big experience for us, because it is a rarity to meet such an opportunity in the daily life”

Srivastava Spandan   Srivastava Spandan/India

" These Unity tournaments are a great experience. My parents watch me play and we analyze afterwards what happened and where I could improve. We get to play in a international tournament with players from 80 countries. The tournaments offer an invaluable experience of playing many titled players, which is probably not possible for a U1600 player like me. Also the amount of prize money is great for such a low entry fee to encourage everyone. And finally the cheating committee is outstanding, they are doing a wonderful job and making sure that genuine people get a clean environment. "

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